You again?

Well I suppose some introductions are in order.

My name’s Angus and I do things. Mainly creative, fannying-abouty type things.  I’m a stand up, actor, improviser, writer and occasionally puppeteer. I live in London as that’s where people who do those sorts of things are supposed to live it seems.

I was raised in the south east of England and went to an independent school and so I have to do fair bit of work to convince people that I’m not personally responsible for the closure of the mines or on the take from Murdoch. I wouldn’t mind being so frequently written-off as a refugee posho if I could actually afford all those little luxuries like food or rent.

I do comedy because it’s what I’m allowed to do (they won’t let me be in all the plays or on the tellies) and it’s what I’m hard wired to do anyway.  Richard Dawkins reckons that cultural information is the same as genetic information and that the things we say to each other are weird little mutating organisms of their very own. I guess that makes me a carrier. I started because it felt the most like what I was supposed to be doing and I still do it because I love it.

I am also an apex predator of both tea and curry.

Thank you for reading, please enjoy this duck as a token of my esteem: